Thank you for expressing interest in learning more about the Worship ministry!  There are three different ways musicians can serve on Sunday mornings: by being an individually mic’d singer or playing an instrument on the team.  We hope to provide a chance for you to serve using your God-give talents to assist in creatively communicating the life-changing message of Christ.

So, you’re interested?

We are excited that you have a desire to use your talents and abilities to serve the Lord here at Manhattan Bible Church. In order to serve as a mic’d vocalist or on the team, you will need to go through an audition process. This is just to see where you are at musically so we can see what the best fit is for you. If you are interested in auditioning and being involved, please contact the church office.

What? Auditions?! Explain what that involves?

For the vocal audition, you will be asked to have two songs ready to sing. The first will be a song of your choice. For this selection you can either use an accompaniment track or we can have an accompanist available for you. The second song will be a song of our choosing. For this selection, you will be asked to sing the melody and harmonize with a lead vocal.

For musicians, you will be asked to have two songs prepared. One song will be a worship selection of our choice, and the other will be a piece of your choosing that you feel showcases your personal style and abilities. Your selection for that piece may be chosen from any musical style or genre that you feel best showcases your talents.

Hope to see you involved soon!

Thank you again for your interest in serving on the Worship Team at Manhattan Bible Church!